My first podcast co-host; the incredible Ace Lundon. We did “Lundon Calling” for four years.
I miss him every day.
The great Terrence McNally with David and Me.
I was almost in tears.
Joe Mantello with Leo and Me! He was super-cool and a wonderful, humble speaker.
The dynamite Donna McKechnie!!! Very, very sweet and she can still high kick with the best of them!
The legendary author of
“The Front Runner” –
Patricia Nell Warren!!!
Jessie Mueller during “Beautiful: The Carol King Musical.” The only person I’ve ever stage-door’d and with great reason!
Corey Cott and Robb Sapp! I interviewed them for their “Broadway Comes To Chagrin” fund-raising show!
Two humble guys taking care of their home town!
Casey Cott at the “Broadway Comes To Chagrin” event! My niece Taylor called me freaking out after she listened to the interview!
Mara Davi at “Dames At Sea!” An amazing performer and a heck of a nice lady!
The sensational Carly Street when she went on during “Skin Tight!” A true theater pro!!!
Remember this face! The awesome
Julia Smith is destined for super-stardom!
Jake Shears from Scissor Sisters!!! I raved over how much I LOVED his work on the
“Tales of the City” musical!!!
Me and the sensationally talented cast of
“Broadway Princess Party!”
Broadway Percussionist Adam Wolfe with David and me at “Bandstand!” One of the coolest guys in NYC!!!
Angelyne and Me!!! She’s a legend!
David loves her car.
Dinner with pals from my first NYC Writers Group!!!
My Musical Collaborator Leo Schwartz and our Music Director Aaron Benham working on “Running: The Musical.”
Zoom Writers Group!
When the “At The Flash” play was nominated for the Oscar Wilde Award for Best Writing.
My pal Zion Ashkenazi won!!!
David and our Ireland pals! They made us feel so welcome and supported. LOVE THEM!!!
“At The Flash” poster from our very first run in Chicago!
Me in my high school production of “God’s Favorite.” I’m in the trench coat and hat and beard that I could grow at 17 – LOL!
Such great times and awesome people!
My husband David and me! In case you’re wondering what he looks like. Super-Cute!!!
David and me posing on the cover of “The Advocate” for their marriage issue. We’re up near the top of the heart in matching suits.
We wrote this award-winning play!!!
In case you’re asking “Why does Sean wear an inordinate amount of plaid?” I’ve included this photo of my nephew William, my niece Addison and me. I see these kids off-and-on a cumulative total of 20 days a year. Once, when we went shopping, I went for the plaid shirts and Addison told me I was over-doing it. When I pointed to the plaid shirt I was wearing, she said “I’ve seen ALL your plaid shirts, Uncle Sean.”
So, it’s not just you.