Screenplays and TV Scripts

The Screenplay

by Sean Chandler
When a closeted, married mayoral candidate is outed in a lascivious, public manner and his family is left to pick up the pieces as they move forward.

“Radical Morality”
The Screenplay
by Sean Chandler & Gregory Blair

When an openly gay detective is assigned to protect the next potential victim of a serial killer targeting gays, he finds he must battle not only the psychology of the killer, but the defiance of the potential victim – as well as the ghosts of his own history of homophobia.

“At The Flash”
The Limited TV Series

by Sean Chandler and David Leeper
At The Flash is a mind-bending, kaleidoscopic story covering six decades in the life of a fictitious gay bar. This four-episode limited series begins when main character Rod Mahoney learns of the closing of a local, historical gay bar called The Flash. Personally attached and newly-jobless, Rod buys The Flash out of bankruptcy, which he remodels and reopens – celebrating the transformation with a large grand reopening event. While the series is propelled by Rod, each of the other five decades are populated with specific characters representative of their time frame. Such characters include a 1965 closeted married man, a 1978 drag queen, a 1989 club kid, a 1996 lesbian activist and a 2009 straight senior den mother. Six variant stories, defined by decade, are told throughout each episode, creating a dramatic, comedic, mind-bending, history-filled experience.

“Kissing The Frog Prince”
The Screenplay

by Sean Chandler, David Leeper, Michael Prichard & Kent Wilson Charo, The Crazy Greek, A Church Fair, A Zealot and 4 Gay Men!
Four gay men take a journey across the Mojave desert on the pretext of seeing their favorite flamenco diva. During the trip each man’s true motivation is revealed. As they encounter a writer who attacks marriage equality in order to promote her new age philosophy, the men face the ugly so that they can finally see the true beauty in their lives.